Month in Review: June 2019

Favorite Media I thought that I might enjoy GLOW; I did not think that I would love it or speed through seasons one and two in only a couple of days. There was just something about the plot and the characters and the setting that made me want to do nothing else but watch. (I [...]

Month in Review: May 2019

Favorite Media I read a couple of great books last month—The Unhoneymooners and Star-Crossed come to mind—but it was Avengers: Endgame that hit me the most. I remember watching all of the MCU movies that had been released by 2012 so that I could see The Avengers in theaters, and I've seen every MCU movie [...]

Month in Review: March 2019

Favorite Media I was never the biggest Hozier fan, but loving "Take Me to Church" was enough to get me to check out Wasteland Baby from the library. But this album, y'all! I basically like every song (which is so rare) and already really love a few (especially "Movement"). If you're even a passing Hozier [...]

Month in Review: February 2019

Favorite Media Oh, man, this book y'all. I stayed up until 12:30am on a work night reading the second half of If I'm Being Honest because I couldn't put it down. There was a delicious slow-burn romance that made me curl my toes and squee juxtaposed with a nuanced portrait of female friendship. There was [...]

Month in Review: January 2019

Favorite Media I have been on a superb Aaron Tveit kick lately, which has basically come and gone since Grease Live! but is right now like JSKLDJ:KLS. I went down a rabbit hole one afternoon and came across a cover of "I Can't Make You Love Me"/"All I Ask" which is just all kinds of [...]

Month in Review: December 2018

Favorite Media Botched is one of the few shows I can stand to watch with commercials, but for some reason, I also thought it ended in 2015?? Idk. E! broadcast all of the previous episodes in preparation for season five, and I was in a happy couch-watching state for the better part of two weeks [...]

Month in Review: November 2018

Favorite Media I consumed season five of Brooklyn Nine-Nine one weekend and then cursed myself because I didn't have any more episodes left to watch. ☹ This show has quickly become an absolute favorite since I started it a couple of months ago, and I am so super excited for it to come back in [...]