Review: What If It’s Us by Becky Albertalli & Adam Silvera

Title: What If It's UsAuthor: Becky Albertalli & Adam SilveraRating: ★★½Summary: Arthur is in New York for the summer, hoping that the universe will deliver a show-stopping romance worthy of a Broadway play. Ben, on the other hand, just wants the universe to mind its business; being witness to a proposal while in line to ship [...]

Review: On a Sunbeam by Tillie Walden

Title: On a SunbeamAuthor: Tillie WaldenRating: ★★Summary: Throughout the deepest reaches of space, a crew rebuilds beautiful and broken structures, painstakingly putting the past together. Two girls meet in boarding school and fall deeply in love, only to learn the pain of loss. With two interwoven timelines and stunning art, On a Sunbeam showcases an [...]

Review: You Know You Want This by Kristen Roupenian

Title: You Know You Want This: "Cat Person" and Other StoriesAuthor: Kristen RoupenianRating: ★★Summary: You Know You Want This brilliantly explores the ways in which women are horrifying as much as it captures the horrors that are done to them. Spanning a range of genres and topics from the mundane to the murderous and supernatural, [...]

Review: Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

Title: Dark MatterAuthor: Blake CrouchRating: ★★½Summary: After Jason Dessen is kidnapped and knocked unconscious, he wakes up strapped to a gurney and surrounded by strangers in hazmat suits. Everything is eerily familiar—except not. His wife is not his wife, his son was never born, and he's a celebrated scientific genius instead of a college physics [...]

Review: Dead Girls by Alice Bolin

Title: Dead Girls: Essays on Surviving an American ObsessionAuthor: Alice BolinRating: ★★Summary: In this poignant collection, Alice Bolin examines the widespread obsession with women who are abused, killed, and disenfranchised, and whose bodies (dead or alive) are used as props to bolster men's stories -- investigating the implications of our cultural fixations and her own role [...]

Review: Feminism Unfinished by Dorothy Sue Cobble, Linda Gordon, and Astrid Henry

Title: Feminism Unfinished: A Short, Surprising History of American Women's MovementsAuthors: Dorothy Sue Cobble, Linda Gordon, & Astrid HenryRating: ★★Summary: Eschewing the conventional wisdom that the American women’s movement began in the nostalgic glow of the late 1960s, Feminism Unfinished traces the beginnings of this seminal American social movement to the 1920s, creating an expanded, [...]

Review: Emergency Contact by Mary H.K. Choi

Title: Emergency ContactAuthor: Mary H.K. ChoiRating: ★★Summary: Penny's heading to college to learn how to become a writer, seventy-nine miles and a zillion light years away from everything she can’t wait to leave behind. Sam's stuck - working at a café and sleeping on a mattress on the floor upstairs - but knows that this is the [...]