Five Favorite: Book Home Accessories

“Five Favorite” is a feature on thewasofshall where I lay out my five favorite “x”. Sometimes they’re relevant to a season or holiday, mostly they’re not. It’s an all-around fun excuse to give my 100% amazingly awesome opinion. To see previous (and future) topics, click here. To participate, scroll all the way down.

Can you tell that I like book-themed things??? (Because I adore them.) Pretending that I own a house and get to decorate it from top to bottom means I have plenty of bookish home accessories to match. Here are my five favorite.


Giant Yellow floor lamp by Edited, $139.99 for gold/chrome


Lampersand by ModCloth, $89.99


No Shit Sherlock lavatory mist by Blue Q, $11.99


Punctuation Mark pillows by PBteen, n/a


Stacked paperback wallpaper by Anthropologie, $248.00

Have your own five favorite book home accessories? Share them! Post them to your blog, link back to this post, and then comment letting me know!

One thought on “Five Favorite: Book Home Accessories

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