2015 Recap

I made two goals in 2015: finish 41 books and check off all 24 challenges as part of Book Riot’s #ReadHarder campaign – and, well, I failed. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (You can see my actual goals here – which include books I said I would read in 2015 as part of a Top Ten Tuesday post – but that’s not even worth mentioning because I read NONE of them.)

If you’re interested, here’s how my stats broke down:



I read 31 books, or  76% of my goal of 41.


Books I read:

AsLongAsYouLoveMe BadFeminist BetweenTheWorldAndMe BrokenMonsters TheGirlInTheSpidersWeb TheGirlWhoKickedTheHornetsNest TheGirlWhoPlayedWithFire HarkAVagrant HowStarWarsConqueredTheUniverse 23899174 IsEveryoneHangingOutWithoutMe Lumberjanesv1 LumberjanesVol2 TheMartian MissPeregrinesHomeForPeculiarChildren ModernRomance MsMarvelVol1 MsMarvelVol2 MsMarvelVol3 MsMarvelVol4 TheRoad TheRoyalWe ASingleMan StationEleven StepAsidePops WannaCook WeShouldAllBeFeminists WhatIWasDoingWhileYouWereBreeding WhyNotMe YesPlease YoureNeverWeirdOnTheInternet

2015recap2 2015recap3 2015recap4










Book Riot introduced their #ReadHarder challenge in 2015 and I loved the idea. It got me to actually think about what book I was reading, and, in some cases, gave me that extra nudge to read something that was already in my tbr pile. I went through all the challenges and made a list last December to help guide my reading… and then sometime during the summer, I kind of decided to bypass that list and start reading books just because I wanted to read them. So… I didn’t accomplish my specific goals, but I did read a lot of books that popped onto my radar in 2015 (HELLO MS. MARVEL) – and that’s just as good.

I read 16 books, or 67% of my goal of 24.


* Infographics thanks to Goodreads.

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